How our community helped us keep our pitches green

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In the summer of 2014-15, Cambridge was in the grip of a drought. The Waipa District Council was forced to implement a sprinkler ban and no exceptions were to be made.

Our club faced the problem of hosting ASB Premiership games for WaiBOP United on a pitch that was rapidly turning brown.

But our community came to our aid.

The local fire brigade decided it was time to carry out a hose practice, using water from the Waikato Rivers. As part of their exercise – carried out at John Kerkhof Park – more than 65,000 litres of river water was sprayed on our pitch.


Meanwhile, companies Marley, Bailey Tanks and RD1 combined their efforts to provide our club with a 15,000-litre water tank and a pitch irrigation system which can be moved to water problem areas.

To all of those who came to our aid, thanks.