2015 Senior Prizegiving results

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Cambridge FC members hailed their best players for 2015 at the club’s annual prizegiving function at the Cambridge Town Hall.

First team captain Patrick Woodlock won the club’s Men’s Player of the Year while women’s first teamer Chrissy Goodin was voted Women’s Player of the Year.

Both awards were voted for by all senior registered players.

For Woodlock, it was the fifth time he had won the trophy since first collecting it in 2008 while Goodin’s award was a worthy recognition of her contribution to the club as a player, a team manager (of the men’s first team) and as a committee member.

Here’s a list of the player awards presented at the October 16 function:

Best and Fairest Players

Selected by team vote

Women’s Red: Louise Robinson/Kylie Patterson (tie)

Women’s White: Ikuko Katamura

Red Devils: Simon Bratton

Men’s D2: Alan Wilde

Men’s D1: Cameron McGrath

Men’s C: Warwick Santy

Men’s B1: Thomas Rea

Men’s B2: Paul Hughes

Men’s A: Cameron Horsfall

WaiBOP Championship: Elton Leri

Women’s A: Victoria Gorter

WaiBOP Premiership: Jordan Silvester

Players’ Player of the Year

Selected by team vote

Women’s Red: Carey Ireland

Women’s White: Juliet Mason

Red Devils: Peter Lewis

Men’s D2: Andrew Myers

Men’s D1: Justin Hamilton

Men’s C: Mike Miller

Men’s B1: Patrick Espin

Men’s B2: David Arjomandi

Men’s A: Gavin Clark

WaiBOP Championship: Adam Brady

Women’s A: Michaela Clark

WaiBOP Premiership: Glen Carmichael

Coaches’ Players of the Year

Selected by team coaches

Women’s Red: Lisa Moffat

Women’s White: Casey Norling

Red Devils: Brett Halliday (The Robbie Cole Memorial Trophy)

Men’s D2: Alan Wilde

Men’s D1: Harry Bomans

Men’s C: Andrew Thomas

Men’s C: Harry Turpitt (Most Improved Young Player)

Men’s B1: John Ward

Men’s B1: Zac Petropoulos (Most Improved Young Player)

Men’s B2: Brad Tunley

Men’s A: Lee Turpitt

WaiBOP Championship: Sam Garmonsway

Women’s A: Michaela Clark

Women’s A: Astrid Howarth (Youth Player of the Year)

WaiBOP Premiership: Kieran Hill

WaiBOP Premiership: Jason Szabo (Most Improved)

WaiBOP Premiership: Matt Wheeler (Youth Player of the Year)

Golden Boot

Lisa Moffat (Women’s Reds) won the women’s Golden Boot. Since the prizegiving function, two goals in his last game of the season earned B1 forward Peter Buesnel the men’s Golden Boot for 2015.

The Club Person of the Year, selected by the club’s committee, was awarded to stalwart Harry Bomans.

Still playing at the age of 61 (he won the D1 Player of the Year earlier in the evening), Bomans has been responsible for maintaining our grounds for many years and plays a key role on the club’s committee.

He coaches the D1 team, plays in the summer 5-a-side league and passionately supports all our club’s teams.

The Club Personality of the Year, selected by membership vote, went to men’s first team player Jason Szabo.

The award capped an outstanding year for the player who entered his fifth decade this year but played like a man half his age, winning his team’s Most Improved Player trophy this year.

Szabo’s goals played a big part in Cambridge winning the WaiBOP Premiership but player-coach Robbie Greenhalgh told guests at the prizewinning function that Szabo was a strong and positive influence on his team mates.

“He’s already talking about how he’s going to play next year,” Greenhalgh told the audience.

The Club Supporter of the Year, decided by the committee, was Geoff Wheeler.

Though he has contributed much as a member of the committee and as the project manager for the construction of the club’s new changing rooms, Wheeler deserved his award as much for his passionate backing of the club’s senior teams.

His company Jet Creative was the apparel sponsor for the club’s top performance teams and had also provided financial support to help pay for travel costs, including subsidising a team and supporters’ bus to Auckland for the recent Northern League play-off against Waitemata.

Club president Peter Martens also awarded engraved tankards, recognising the contributions of three other supporters who had been outstanding.

Steve Barrott had provided a huge amount of his labour as a plumber to help make the new changing rooms possible, spending days on the project while he installed showers, toilets and re-routed existing pipes.

Brett Halliday, with equipment from Cambridge Hire, had provided many hours of his labour, digging trenches and helping prepare the foundations for the new $200,000 changing room block.

Richard Crafts was recognised for his constant support at club events where he often provided sound systems, as well as his DJ skills, and provided mobile EFTPOS services at critical events such as last summer’s WaiBOP United games.

The engraved tankards are to be awarded to Supporters of the Year as a permanent reminder of the club’s gratitude and tankards were awarded retrospectively to past winners Russell Foster (2014) and Louis Roberts (2013).

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