Women’s Golden Boot to be shared between strike partners

Forwards Rachel Hill and Astrid Howarth have tied for the 2018 women’s Golden Boot.

With neither player finding the net in the women’s final game of the season – a 2-1 loss at Matamata – the pair both finish the season on 23 goals.

Meanwhile, Andrew Taylor has taken the men’s Golden Boot, despite a late dash from nearest rival Peter Buesnel who netted four goals in his last run-out of the season.

Photo: Rachel Hill during the Waikato Women’s Cup Final (photo: Louis Roberts).

Golden Boot – senior men

Final table:

25: Andrew Taylor (23 for Reserves, 2 for Waikato D1)

23: Peter Buesnel (16 for Waikato A, including 5 in Waikato Cup, 3 for Championship and 4 for D1s)

15: Dave O’Donnell (D1) including a hat-trick of headers in one game

12: Josh Clarkin (Firsts) including one in Chatham Cup

11: Adam Brady (Reserves)

8: Scott Jenkins (D1) including six penalties

7: Dylan Blair (Firsts)

6: Rob Dickson (D2)

6: Jonathan Sanchez (Reserves)

6: Tom Woutersen (3 for Reserves, 3 for Championship)

6: Jamie Woodlock (Firsts)

5: Callum MacLeod (Firsts)

5: Andrew Myers (D2)

Golden Boot – senior women

Final table:

23: Rachel Hill

23: Astrid Howarth

6: Caitlyn Varcoe

5: Gemma Martin

Important note: These tables are based on the goals advised by team managers on a weekly basis.

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