Members elect their new committee at club’s annual general meeting

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Matt Malligan has become Cambridge FC’s new junior captain after club members elected their new executive committee at this year’s annual general meeting.

He replaces Tim Bailey who will become a committee member, having served two years in the junior captain’s role.

The 71st AGM of Cambridge Soccer Club Inc. was held at the clubrooms, John Kerkhof Park, and the outcome of the elections were:

  • President Peter Martens, who chaired his 30th consecutive AGM, was re-elected unopposed.
  • Neil Stuttart was re-appointed club patron while Eddie Bradley and Hank Kerkhof Jnr were re-elected as vice presidents.
  • Harry Bomans was re-elected senior captain and Matt Malligan was elected as junior captain, replacing Tim Bailey (who remains on the committee).
  • Josh Easby was re-elected club secretary.
  • The following were re-elected to the club’s committee for the year ahead: Steve Thomas, Richard Crafts, Thomas Campbell, Tim Bailey.
  • Luke Ashby, a member of this year’s WaiBOP Championship squad, was elected to the committee for the first time.

Outgoing members of the committee were thanked by Peter Martens and Steve Thomas.

These included treasurer Paul Blackstock, facilities manager Craig Clark and committee member Mike Steele.

All three have indicated their intentions to help the club as volunteers but the club will now seek to co-opt a new treasurer and volunteers capable of helping manage our facilities.

The incoming committee will appoint the club chair at their first committee meeting and under the club’s rules, can co-opt additional members to the committee.

Are you able to help?

Our club is volunteer-run with members contributing an estimated 30,000 hours a year of their time to enable more than 650 men, women and children to play winter football, and more than 400 adults and young adults to play summer football.

If you want to help our club continue its progress, please consider how you can contribute your time and skills.

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