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Online registrations are open for junior and senior players wanting to play football for Cambridge FC this year.

Here’s your guide to registration:

How to register

Please have your credit card ready to make your online payment for subscription fees via NZ Football’s MyCOMET system.

Those registering juniors should make sure they have the correct names and birthdates for children.

Our subscription fees for 2020 are:

Seniors (men and women): $295

Tertiary and secondary school students playing senior football: $180

Junior grades 4-6: $79

Junior grades 7-15: $125

Junior and Youth Sunday Federation Grades (U-12 and U-14): $150

We’re recruiting for these teams and will advise when registrations open.

Click here for more information about our youth federation teams >>>>

Please note: our club has increased its subscriptions for 2020 to help offset increased costs of affiliation to WaiBOP Football and NZ Football. Our affiliation costs have risen by more than $6,000 over the past two years and while we absorbed most of this last year, our club is forced to pass on more of the additional cost this year.

New players

If the player has never registered to play football in New Zealand before, please go to the MyCOMET log-in page and establish your MyCOMET player profile (not the parent profile) by clicking on the sign-up link at bottom of page and completing the next page(s).

Then use that information to register by clicking on the following registration button.

If you require help with logging in, or need to change your email address, please email NZ Football Registrations.

If you have been registered overseas and seek to register in New Zealand for the first time, please email Cambridge FC and we’ll help you with the process.

Renewals or to transfer to our club

If you played last year for Cambridge FC or another NZ-based club, you should already have a user name and password for your profile recorded in football’s MY COMET database.

If you have forgotten your user name or password, please go to the MyCOMET log-in page and click on the “Forgot password/username” link or email NZ Football Registrations with the following information – name of player(s) registering, dates of birth, name of current club.

Once you have your username and password, click on the following registration button to sign in.

Once you have logged into your MyCOMET passport, please click on “register” and select or make sure the “seller” selected is Cambridge FC. The relevant registration options should display and you should select the correct registration item (see guide below for junior grades) and you will be taken to a payment page.

Once payment has been completed you will receive a confirmation email.

When you sign-in to MyCOMET to register, you’ll be prompted to update your personal information before continuing your registration.

Please ensure you complete all required fields, this may include some fields that are in the bottom half of the screen so you may need to scroll down to the bottom of the page. Only when all required fields have been completed will you be able to save the information, and you’ll get a confirmation pop-up message of the successfully completed save.

Important note: Please be aware that in its terms and conditions our club reserves the right to issue refunds, in whole or part, solely at its discretion and will charge an administration fee of $10 in the event a refund is made.

Click here for our terms and conditions.

More help needed?

If you have trouble registering with MyCOMET, here’s a two-minute video tutorial to help:

You don’t play – but still want to join our club?

We’ve got a supporters’ club to help you show your allegiance to the Reds.

Click here to learn more >>>>

Our guide to the 2020 junior season

Click here for our guide to the season ahead >>>>

Junior grades

Grades are determined by the calendar year in which children were born.

2016: 4th grade (boys and girls) – First Kicks

2015: 5th grade (boys and girls) – First Kicks

2014: 6th grade (boys and girls) – Fun Football

2013: 7th grade (boys) – Fun Football

2012: 8th grade (boys) – Fun Football

2011 and 2010 – U-8 (girls) grade – Fun Football

2011: 9th grade (boys) – Mini Football

2010: 10th grade (boys) – Mini Football

2010 – U-10 (girls) grade – Mini Football

2009: 11th grade (boys) – Mini Football

2008: 12th grade (boys) – Mini Football

2009 and 2008 – U-12 (girls) grade – Mini Football

2007: 13th grade (boys) – Youth Football

2006: 14th grade (boys) – Youth Football

2006 and 2007 – U-14 (girls) grade – Youth Football

Please ensure you have the correct name and date of birth as this information becomes part of New Zealand Football’s official record of the player and will remain so as they progress through junior, youth and senior football.


Senior players need to be registered and have fully paid their subscriptions no later than a week before their first competition games to ensure eligibility to play in opening rounds of competitions.

Due to delays forced by COVID-19, we are keeping registrations open as late as possible for junior and youth teams but please check this website for updates on the targeted dates to start the season. If registrations are made too late, you may miss out on allocation to a team.

How juniors will be placed into appropriate teams

The club will hold a series of grading days to allocate players to the teams most appropriate for their season (only for players born 2011 and older.

Grading days

These are for Saturday teams that play home and away in WaiBOP-graded competitions.

For 9th-14th grade boys and U-10, U-12 and U-14 grade girls, grading sessions were held on the afternoons of Sunday March 8, 2020, and Sunday March 15, 2020.

The aim of Cambridge Football Club is to provide quality football opportunities for players of ALL levels and grading is the best way to ensure players are in teams with others of similar ability; this process helps to ensure your child gets the best from their season.

Top teams
We are committed to having high-level competition teams in every grade. Places in these teams are allocated on ability, and also, importantly, attitude.

If having been placed in one of these teams we feel that a player is struggling or not showing the correct attitude it may, on occasion, be necessary to move them down; equally, players may also be moved into a higher level team if it is felt that they show the required skill level.

This is done for the benefit of both the individual player and their team, by having a coaching assessment for one of the top teams you are agreeing to this policy and accept that any decision made by the club is final.

More information

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