Woodlock becomes our latest Volunteer of the Week

Coach Mike Woodlock could have qualified for a Volunteer of the Week award many times in his time serving the club — he’s been with the club more than 500 weeks. That’s 10 years of football seasons, pre-season campaigns and … Read More

Jude Bower – our third Volunteer of the Week award winner

For a football club the size of our’s, we depend on many people to keep things running smoothly. And one whose contribution should not go unnoticed is Jude Bower, a volunteer who has helped keep the junior kitchen and bathrooms … Read More

Craig Clark – our second Volunteer of the Week award winner

For some, the football season has barely started. For Cambridge FC’s facilities manager Craig Clark, the season never stops! With our club moving to an all-year operation in recent years, Clark has been a key member of our club’s volunteer … Read More

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