Here’s our winning Photograph of the Month entry

We’ve got our first winner of Cambridge FC’s Photograph of the Month awards! The winner is Emma Young whose impulsive decision to use her phone camera during a match has earned her $50 of Hoyt’s movie tickets provided by our … Read More

Club’s youngest coach is our latest Onyx Volunteer of the Week winner

Hamish Durran-Wolff has learned at an early age the value of giving back to his community. The 11-year-old footballer is one of the youngest volunteers at Cambridge FC where he referees and coaches a 7th-grade team, Cambridge Argentina. He’s become … Read More

More entries for our June Photograph of the Month award

Cambridge FC’s army of photographers has been busily posting entries in our new AB Insurance-sponsored Photograph of the Month awards. Since announcing the awards a fortnight ago, we’ve been delighted with the response – and the quality of the photographs … Read More

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