Guiding principles of Cambridge FC

Our Vision

To be recognised as a leading community-based football club that players aspire to join; benefiting from a supportive learning environment, with superior coaching, training facilities and equipment, and becoming part of a great self-funding social- club atmosphere.

Our Mission

To develop well-balanced, successful individuals who have the passion, commitment and capability to create pleasant and professional team environments throughout their lives; regardless of gender, physical abilities or background, through instruction of the technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of football.

Our Values

Our attitude and behaviour are guided by our eight club values.

Capability: we are responsible for player development and accountable for developing winning teams in all leagues and competitions chosen to compete in.

Professionalism: we abide by our code of conduct and commit to training and personal development programmes organised by our coaches and managers.

Unity: we are a family, a club of many teams supporting each other in times of need, ensuring the collective drive of the club is harnessed for our future success.

Achievement: we are focussed on overall player development and retention as our future success is built on talent identification and competitive excellence.

Leadership: we provide effective club leadership, exemplary coaching and insightful sports education to achieve our vision and undertake our mission.

Teamwork: we make decisions based on what’s in the best interest of our players without compromising our cohesive and inclusive club environment.

Collaboration: we promote the clubs facilities and membership benefits for the overall betterment of the Cambridge community and our supporting sponsors.

Passion: we enjoy playing football for the club and are loyal to the game, the club and our fellow members.