2015 Junior Prizegiving results

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Cambridge’s junior players have had an outstanding 2015 season with many recognised at the club’s prizegiving function.

The club had 430 junior players registered this year – an increase of 90 (27%) on last year. This makes Cambridge the second largest junior club in the region (behind Hukanui Rototuna FC), and significantly bigger than the third.

The players recognised at the prizegiving function were:

8th Grade
Red Dragons: Most improved: Caitlin Hill. Coaches’ Player: Greer Hall. Players’ Player: Lily McQueen.
Red Fantails: Most improved: Cushla Matheson. Coaches’ Player: Brooke Suisted. Players’ Player: Natalie Young.
Panthers: Most improved: Ashton Vanin. Coaches’ Player: Tom Kadosh Smythe. Players’ Player: Harry Jennings.
Minions: Most improved: Sam Menneer. Coaches’ Player: Tom Beech. Players’ Player: Jack Stokes.
Flaming Wildcats: Most improved: Hamish Copeland. Coaches’ Player: Jasmine Davis. Players’ Player: Brandon Vines.
Conquest: Most improved: Dylan Wright. Coaches’ Player: Rajeev Raj Patel. Players’ Player: Zak Banks.
Black: Most improved: Ben Barrott. Coaches’ Player: Harley Waller. Players’ Player: Jack Jones.
Avengers: Most improved: Luca Devcich. Coaches’ Player: Ethan Bailey. Players’ Player: Jonny Tappenden.
Clarets: Most improved: Lucas Carmine. Coaches’ Player: Finn Hood. Players’ Player: Felix Dingemans.

9th Grade
Wildcats: Most improved: Sarah Bassham. Coaches’ Player: Asha Shipman. Players’ Player: Courtenay Baker.
Flaming Chilli’s: Most improved: Liam Thompson. Coaches’ Player: Blake Begbie. Players’ Player: Harry McMullen.
Ramblers: Most improved: Lachlan McKnight. Coaches’ Player: Charlie White. Players’ Player: Cameron Cross.
Daredevils: Most improved: Hamish Durran-Wolff. Coaches’ Player: Rocco Purea. Players’ Player: Luke Philip.
Demons: Most improved: Shaun Baker. Coaches’ Player: Nathaniel Bodle. Players’ Player: Oliver Moutira.

10th Grade
Chargers: Most improved: Ryan Nelson. Coaches’ Player: Noah Maloney. Players’ Player: Jaxon Steel.
United: Most improved: Toby Brockelbank. Coaches’ Player: Ben Wiles. Players’ Player: Daniel Lynch.
All Stars: Most improved: Thomas Hocking. Coaches’ Player: Aaron Borman. Players’ Player: Logan McCullough.
Comets: Most improved: Lucius Bate. Coaches’ Player: Caleb Mita. Players’ Player: Declan Schagen.

11th Grade
Gunners: Most improved: Angus McInnes. Coaches’ Player: Noa Rachmani. Players’ Player: Elijah Cody.
Strikers: Most improved: Tommy Blackett. Coaches’ Player: Corey Hastie. Players’ Player: Blake Eva.
Hatrix: Most improved: Braedon Hills. Coaches’ Player: Cameron O’Leary. Players’ Player: William Bodle.
Tornadoes: Most improved: Tobias Wetzels. Coaches’ Player: Eden Cundy-Neels. Players’ Player: Kyran Lockwood.

Open Grade
Force: Most improved: Kyle Aitken. Coaches’ Player: Ronnie Yu. Players’ Player: Reagan Spencer.
Cyclones: Most improved: Dillon Baker. Coaches’ Player: Morse McClennan. Players’ Player: Ricco Kerkhof.
Mustangs: Most improved: Bianca Kerkhof. Coaches’ Player: Hinewai Knowles. Players’ Player: Madelaine Burnett.
Titans: Most improved: Cameron White. Coaches’ Player: Blake Anderson. Players’ Player: Harrison Eldridge.
Red Sox: Most improved: Joel Taylor. Coaches’ Player: Tommy O’Brien. Players’ Player: Damo Martinus.
Warriors: Most improved: Regan Phillips. Coaches’ Player: Wade Vincent. Players’ Player: Robbie Ennis.