2016 Junior Prizegiving results

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More than 600 player, parents and supporters helped Cambridge FC’s youngest players to celebrate their achievements at the 2016 Junior Prizegiving.

Held at the Raleigh Christian Centre, Leamington, club members enjoyed a fun event, hosted by The Breeze breakfast announcer Camille Guzwell and club committee member (and junior coach) Jamie McKean.

The club wants to thank all those volunteers who helped our youngsters enjoy their football this season.

Team achievements
Please note: 8th, 9th and 10th grade leagues do not have published tables.

10th Grade Daredevils
Knockout Plate Winners

10th Grade Demons
3rd in Preliminary Division 1A
3rd in Championship Division 1

U10 Girls Panthers
Knockout Plate Winners

11th Grade Crushers
5th in Preliminary Division 3A
3rd in Championship Division 8

11th Grade All Stars
4th in Preliminary Division 2A
1st in Championship Division 5

11th Grade Strikers
3rd in Preliminary Division 1B
3rd in Championship Division 2

11th Grade Hatrix
1st in Preliminary Division 1A
1st in Championship Division 1
12th Grade Knockout Cup Runners Up

12th Grade Gunners
6th in Preliminary Division 2B
4th in Championship Division 7

12th Grade Cyclones
1st in Preliminary Division 1B
6th in Championship Division 1

13th Grade Hurricanes
4th in Preliminary Division 3A
2nd in Championship Division 8

13th Grade Lightning
1st in Preliminary Division 3B
3rd in Championship Division 7

13th Grade Storm
3rd in preliminary Division 1B
4th in Championship Division 2

13th Grade Tornadoes
1st in Preliminary Division 1A
1st in Championship Division 1

Individual achievements

U8 Girls Tamarins
Most improved: Marie Philip
Team player: Alexia Stevenson
Coach’s player: Eden Wood

U8 Girls Gazelles
Most improved: Kate Hicks
Team player: Isabel Hayes
Coach’s player: Mia Guzzwell

8th Grade Glory
Most improved: Ethan Harvey
Team player: Toby Joll
Coach’s player: George Kennedy

8th Grade Heart
Most improved: Tahl Goble
Team player: Finn Dew
Coach’s player: Harry Cameron

8th Grade Jets
Most improved: Toby Malligan
Team player: Regan Grey
Coach’s player: Jake Brugh

8th Grade Roar
Most improved: Chris Van Veldhoven
Team player: Zak Neville
Coach’s player: Jesse MacDonald

8th Grade Victory
Most improved: Blake Williams
Team player: Joseph Campbell
Coach’s player: Cameron Spence

8th Grade Phoenix
Most improved: Harrison Beale
Team player: Harper Davidson
Coach’s player: Adam Finn

9th Grade Rebels
Most improved: Darcy Hunter
Team player: Gaurav Sandu
Coach’s player: Oliver Mason

9th Grade Jedis
Most improved: Cameron Bell
Team player: Oliver Otoka
Coach’s player: Hamish Copeland

9th Grade Spitfires
Most improved: Xander Taylor
Team player: Vaughan Bennett
Coach’s player: Max Greig

9th Grade Wolves
Most improved: Dylan Wright
Team player: Brock Nelson
Coach’s player: Blake McKinnon

9th Grade Assassins
Most improved: Benj Lou
Team player: Lex Morton
Coach’s player: Oli Taylor

9th Grade Clarets
Most improved: Toby Foster
Team player: Dylan Tollervey
Coach’s player: Felix Dingemans

10th Grade Ramblers
Most improved: Lachie Read
Team player: Max McGuire
Coach’s player: Charlie White

10th Grade Titans
Most improved: Toby Kozak
Team player: Liam Thomson
Coach’s player: Noah Pullenger

10th Grade Daredevils
Most improved: Hamish Durran-Wolff
Team player: Dylan Lake
Coach’s player: Joshua Lawrey

10th Grade Demons
Most improved: Noah Maloney
Team player: Daniel Stott
Coach’s player: Noah Cody

U10 Girls Panthers
Most improved: Eva Lang
Team player: Iris Hickey
Coach’s player: Toni Dunn

U10 Girls Leopards
Most improved: Cushla Matheson
Team player: Indy Bate
Coach’s player: Amy Laurent

U10 Girls Wildcats
Most improved: Aimee Steele
Team player: Bria Duncan
Coach’s player: Greer Hill

11th Grade Crushers
Most improved: Courtenay Baker
Team player: Luca Kerkhof
Coach’s player: Sam Finn

11th Grade All Stars
Most improved: Cameron Loder
Team player: Cameron Stoddart
Coach’s player: Jamie Watt

11th Grade Strikers
Most improved: Tom Henson
Team player: Matthew Jordan
Coach’s player: Sam Greig

11th Grade Hatrix
Most improved: Manaia Elliott
Team player: Blake Allison
Coach’s player: Kent Vega

12th Grade Gunners
Most improved: Rhys Collins
Team player: Riley Jeffcote
Coach’s player: Kyle Aitken

12th Grade Cyclones
Most improved: Jackson Beale
Team player: Elijah Cody
Coach’s player: Ryan Lake

13th Grade Hurricanes
Most improved: Lochlan Begley
Team player: Dillon Baker
Coach’s player: Morse McClennan

13th Grade Lightning
Most improved: Jack Park
Team player: Ashton Pullenger
Coach’s player: Joel Taylor

13th Grade Storm
Most improved: Liam Elliott
Team player: Wade Vincent
Coach’s player: Bailey Anderson

13th Grade Tornadoes
Most improved: Jonny Swap
Team player: Mathijs Wetzels
Coach’s player: Joshua Tollervey

2015 Junior Prizegiving results