Plans announced for 2017-18 Cambridge Summer League

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This year’s Cambridge Summer League (5-a-sides) will start on Wednesday November 1, 2017.

Registrations for teams are now open, for the weekly series of games that will run through to February, except for a break over the Christmas/New Year holiday period.

Team entry fee is $180 and can be paid via credit card online (when registration links are posted here), or via cash or eftpos at a muster on Wednesday October 25 (5pm – 6.30pm).

About the Onyx Cambridge Summer League

The primary aim of the Cambridge Summer Leagues is to encourage players to have fun.

Teams are seeded on the basis of their stated objective – whether they aim to be “serious”, “semi-serious” or purely “social”.

We encourage teams to play within the spirit of these objectives and provide the following rules and guidelines for their enjoyment:


Games are played between 6pm and 8pm every Wednesday. If necessary (to play catch-up games) additional games might be scheduled for 8pm.

The competition runs from Wednesday November 1 till Wednesday December 13 when it takes a break for the holiday period, resuming on Wednesday January 17.

Finals night is scheduled for Wednesday February 7.

Format of the league

Prior to the holiday break, teams will play in groups according to their stated level of ability/desire to compete.

Our aim is to arrange evenly-matched games.

In the event that it becomes apparent a team is significantly mis-matched, the organisers reserve the right to move the team to a higher or lower level.

After the holiday break, the organisers will revise the groupings based on the 2017 results and will devise a draw that leads to finals night on February 7.


Teams can learn of their next week’s draw, and follow their results, at our club website. This will be the primary source of information about the league.


Referees are not provided and we rely on players to make decisions in the spirit of the game. Please remember that teams include young adults and women and we rely on common sense when competing for the ball/making tackles.

The games

Games are 30 minutes and will start/end when the hooter sounds.

You can have up to 10 players in your squad but no more than five players on the pitch at any time. Players must be 13+ and teams can be male/female/mixed.

Rolling subs are allowed but players must enter at the halfway line and subs can’t enter the field of play until the outgoing player is off the field.

Only the goalkeeper is allowed in the goal area. Other players are not allowed to run across the goal area or enter it. Goalkeepers are not allowed to play outside of the goal area.

There are no overhead throw-ins – the ball is returned to the field of play by rolling it onto the pitch.


Wins earn their teams 3 league points. Draws earn each team 1 point. Where teams are level on points, their league standing is based on goal difference. If that is level, position is decided on goals scored.

It is the responsibility of each team to advise the league organiser of their result. If only one team reports the result, their reported result will be used.

If neither team reports the match result, it will be recorded as a 0-0 draw.

If a team defaults, the result will be recorded as a 2-0 win to their opponents.

Team colours

It’s up to teams to decide their playing colours. If there is a significant clash of colours, one team will wear bibs.


Players are welcome to make use of our clubrooms and changing facilities.

Exceptions are Wednesday January 17 and 24 when the clubrooms have been booked for private functions.

We have a licensed bar that also serves low alcohol and non-alcohol options. Please remember our licence forbids the consumption of alcohol not bought on our premises, and alcohol can not be taken outside of our clubrooms.

Our club and its grounds is also 100% smokefree.


We encourage players to enjoy a visit to our sponsor, Onyx Cambridge who are in Alpha St, Cambridge.