2017 Junior Prizegiving results

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Hundreds of players, parents and supporters have celebrated another outstanding year of football at Cambridge FC’s 2017 Junior Prizegiving.

Held at the Raleigh Christian Centre, Leamington, club members enjoyed a fun event, hosted by The Breeze breakfast announcer Camille Guzwell and club committee member (and junior coach) Jamie McKean.

The club wants to thank all those volunteers who helped our youngsters enjoy their football this season.

Team Achievements

8th Grade Heart
Knockout Plate Runners-up

9th Grade Barcelona
Winners of the Knockout Cup

10th Grade Clarets
Winners of the Knockout Cup

U11 Girls Vixens
6th in Preliminary Division 2A
1st in Champ Div 6

U-11 Girls Panthers
4th in Preliminary Division 2A
1st in Champ Div 5

U-11 Girls Leopards
2nd in Preliminary Division 1B
4th in Champ Div 2

U-11 Wildcats
3rd in Preliminary Division 1A
3rd equal in Champ Div 1

11th Grade Titans
3rd in Preliminary Division 3A
2nd in Champ Div 7

11th Grade Reds
4th in Preliminary Division 2B
1st in Champ Div 5

11th Grade Daredevils
2nd in Preliminary Division 1B
3rd in Championship Div 2
Winners of the Knockout Plate

11th Grade Demons
3rd in Preliminary Division 1A
2nd equal in 11th Grade premier Division

12th Grade Crushers
5th in Preliminary Division 3A
1st in Championship Div 8

12th Grade Thunderbirds
4th in Preliminary Division 1B
4th in Champ Div 3

12th Grade All Stars
2nd in Preliminary Division 1B
3rd in Championship Div 2

U-12 Federation League
7th in U12 Junior Federation League

U-13 Girls Mustangs
5th in Preliminary Division 1B
4th in Champ Div 3

U-13 Girls Gazelles
6th in Preliminary Division 1A
1st in Champ Div 3

U-13 Girls Red Devils
1st in Preliminary Division 2A
2nd in Champ Div 3
Knockout Cup Runners Up

13th/14th Grade Lightning
6th in Preliminary Division 2A
3rd in Champ Div 4

Player Achievements

U-8 Girls Dazzlers
Coaches’ Player: Lily Cameron
Most Improved Player: Zoe Briggs
Team Player: Elin Gainsford

U-8 Girls Sparklers
Coaches’ Player: Emerson Joll
Most Improved Player: Imogen Anthony
Team Player: Sophie Satherley

8th Grade Roar
Coaches’ Player: Matthew McFetridge
Most Improved Player: Noah Bisson
Team Player: Dylan Rowe

8th Grade Jets
Coaches’ Player: Kale Ryan
Most Improved Player: Taylor Phillips
Team Player: Ben Devcich

8th Grade Phoenix
Coaches’ Player: Orlando Hargreaves
Most Improved Player: Jack Bell
Team Player: Alex Bell

8th Grade Heart
Coaches’ Player: Kingston Storey
Most Improved Player: Aden Joseph
Team Player: Toby Malligan

8th Grade Victory
Coaches’ Player: Hinata Nageo
Most Improved Player: Colter Lattin
Team Player: Mylo Maloney

9th Grade Villareal
Coaches’ Player: Oliver Rickit
Most Improved Player: Quentin Mita
Team Player: Ishi Singh

9th Grade Sevilla
Coaches’ Player: George Kennedy
Most Improved Player: Lachlan Thompson
Team Player: Finn Dew

9th Grade Real Madrid
Coaches’ Player: Daniel Hughes
Most Improved Player: Andrew Fairweather
Team Player: Jackson Edwards

9th Grade Valencia
Coaches’ Player: Harry Beale
Most Improved Player: Cameron Spence
Team Player: Oliver Lawrey

9th Grade Barcelona
Coaches’ Player:Finn Bell
Most Improved Player: Harper Davidson
Team Player: Jesse MacDonald

10th Grade Villains
Coaches’ Player: Jake Cattle
Most Improved Player: Carter Leigh
Team Player: Oliver Otoka

10th Grade Saints
Coaches’ Player: William Hamilton
Most Improved Player: Zak Banks
Team Player: Brock Nelson

10th Grade Hornets
Coaches’ Player: Sam Menneer
Most Improved Player: Gurshan Aujla
Team Player: Tom Beech

10th Grade Rebels
Coaches’ Player: Aidan Smith
Most Improved Player: Harry Jennings
Team Player: Jack Stokes

10th Grade Spurs
Coaches’ Player: Ethan Bailey
Most Improved Player: Nicholas Greaney
Team Player: Kieran Chapman

10th Grade Clarets
Coaches’ Player: Jay Benefield
Most Improved Player: Olly Taylor
Team Player: Rhiley Whitiora

Girls U-11 Vixens
Coaches’ Player: Analise Hill
Most Improved Player: Mia Barrowcliffe
Team Player: Iris Webb

Girls U-11 Panthers
Coaches’ Player: Toni Dunn
Most Improved Player: Brooke Spencer
Team Player: Sophia Payne

Girls U-11 Leopards
Coaches’ Player: Olivia Bult
Most Improved Player: Hana-Lei Purea
Team Player: Jasmine Davis

Girls U-11 Wildcats
Coaches’ Player: Iris Hickey
Most Improved Player: Ceana Burton
Team Player: Aimee Steele

11th Grade Cambridge Titans
Coaches’ Player: Noah Pullenger
Most Improved Player: Ellis Westlake
Team Player: Seth Olsen

11th Grade Cambridge Reds
Coaches’ Player: Shaun Baker
Most Improved Player: Jack Beaumont
Team Player: Cayden Mathieson

11th Grade Cambridge Daredevils
Coaches’ Player: Andrew Morkel
Most Improved Player: Liam Thomson
Team Player: Hamish Durran-Wolff

11th Grade Cambridge Demons
Coaches’ Player: Blake Taylor
Most Improved Player: Luke Sickelmore
Team Player: Luke O’Brien

12th Grade Crushers
Coaches’ Player: Ben Fitzpatrick
Most Improved Player: Joban Bassi
Team Player: Leo Osment

12th Grade Thunderbirds
Coaches’ Player: Jaime Watt
Most Improved Player: Ben Bonetti
Team Player: Jayden Prinsloo

12th Grade All Stars
Coaches’ Player: Luke Bartrum
Most Improved Player: Caleb Mita
Team Player: Reilly Benefied

U-12 Federation Boys
Coaches’ Player: Gus Foy
Most Improved Player: Jake Fannin
Team Player: Connor Cloete

U-13 Girls Gazelles
Coaches’ Player: Claire Grantham
Most Improved Player: Sarah Bassham
Team Player: Liv Harterink

U-13 Girls Mustangs
Coaches’ Player: Heather-Ann Knowles
Most Improved Player: Sophie Wallis
Team Player: Courtenay Baker

U-13 Girls Red Devils
Coaches’ Player: Holly Quin
Most Improved Player: Jenna Durran-Wolff
Team Player: Manaia Elliot

U-13/14 Lightning
Coaches’ Player: Charlie Roberts
Most Improved Player: Cameron Gohns
Team Player: Scott Yang

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