To all the refs, thanks!

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As the winter football season draws to a close, Cambridge FC would like to thank all the referees who gave up their time this year to ensure we all had football to play or to watch.

Our club appreciates that the recruitment and development of referees has been challenging in recent years with the significant growth in playing numbers and the pressures often placed on them, on and off the pitch.

Over the past three years, our club has actively encouraged its members to join the Community Referee (former Club-Based Referee) scheme.

It provides referees with the first steps to being able to referee matches, often with CR then choosing to become a fully qualified referee.

One such referee was our own club’s Des Beeney who graduated from being a CR to qualified referee.

This year, Des became Cambridge’s Referee Co-ordinator, a role in which he helped recruit more CRs who were able to be allocated matches each week.

His work has led to more referees being available for our matches, particularly those at the ‘social end’ of our senior ranks, and has improved our players’ awareness of what it takes to become a referee.

We seek more CRs for 2018.

If you think you have what it takes to be a referee, please email Des Beeney.