How you can help our young players in 2018

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Cambridge FC’s junior section is seeking new volunteers for a number of roles in 2018.

Junior captain Tim Bailey says the club is establishing an operational team to help ensure the smooth running of teams next season.

“Over the years I have been involved in the Cambridge Football Club I have seen many energetic coaches, managers and parents helping out with the teams and the club.

“All this energetic volunteer time is vital to the clubs success, and we are all very grateful for everyone’s contribution.

“Going forward we are setting up an operational committee that will oversee the running of the junior/youth section of the club.

“We already have a good number of volunteers pitching in and our gratitude goes out to those who have already put their hands up to be on the team.

“We are actively looking for volunteers to fill the following key roles to assist with continuing to build a great club!

“So if you are prepared to assist in a role that suits you, or know of someone who you think might be able to assist please let us know.”

The roles we are looking to fill are:

Secretary – To ensure correspondence is dealt with, database is correct, and emails get to the correct person.

Grade Co-ordinators for the following levels:
Junior Section
Grade 7
Grade 8

Youth Football – Maybe just one coordinator for all of Youth Football as we are still building team numbers.
Under 14
Under 16
Under 19

Events Organiser(s) – We have at least three events; a Quiz night, Prize Giving and Football Festival.

Shop Manager – A person in charge of running the shop ensuring people are there to operate it, and we have enough supplies. More information here.

If you do not see a role there that suits you but want to help please come and talk to us.

As part of the Operational Team we plan to get together from time to time at least once every two months, ideally in the late afternoon early evening, let the kids have a knock around while we cover off any items that need addressing.

“I am really excited about the prospects in 2018 with a great team together already,” Tim Bailey said. “We are looking forward to working together and expanding that team so we can continue to build on the clubs already excellent reputation in the area.”

How to help

Email Tim Bailey.