Online service to help players with their records

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New Zealand Football has set up an online service to help players and parents of junior footballers to find their playing records.

It’s part of the national administration’s move to using MyCOMET, a new database to keep track of all players in the country.

Players registering with Cambridge FC need to log in to their MyCOMET account to sign up but also make sure their online records are correct.

These playing records will follow players from their entry to the game at four years old, right through to when they play for the All Whites of Football Ferns!

The MyCOMET Lookup service provides online support for players and parents who either did not receive their login details by email or have forgotten their access information.

To have your credentials sent to your email address, click here to reach MyCOMET LOOKUP.

When using the MyCOMET Lookup service and members find that their details are incorrect, an automated email will be sent to the Federation where they can provide further assistance to the member.

Cambridge FC wants to thank its members for their patience as the sport migrates from its previous database system (GoalNet) to MyCOMET.

For more about MyCOMET, click on the following button: