Never a dull moment at John Kerkhof Park

One of the challenges of operating an all-year, all-volunteer football club is coping with the unexpected.

And often the first person to discover the latest surprise is Cambridge FC’s facilities manager, Craig Clark.

He oversees the club’s buildings and grounds, and when something goes awry, he’s usually first on the scene.

Last week, visitors to the senior clubrooms discovered a suspiciously large and wet pool on the carpet next to the bar door.

Former Cambridge coach (and expert carpet cleaner) Neil Evans, of A1 Carpet Cleaners, came to the club’s aid, vacuuming up the liquid and cleaning up the mess.

But the next day, the pool of water had returned, indicating this was more than a spill or a one-off problem.

Sponsor and recently-retired Cambridge player Steve Barrott – owner of Waikato Plumbing & Gas – was next to help, working with Craig Clark to go beneath the carpet and concrete floor in search of the water’s source.

Eventually, they found a leaking pipe (see photo) oozing water into the clubrooms.

The problem now solved, the clubrooms are set to be back in full use.

Our thanks to Craig, Neil, Steve and all the volunteers who help keep our club running!