Junior registrations and grading dates

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Junior registrations have opened for the 2018 winter season.

The closing date for registrations will be March 3, 2018, for 8th – 14th grade players, and April 1 for 4th – 7th grade players.

The first game of the season is Saturday May 5, 2018.

Subs for 2018 will be $65.00 for First Kicks (4th – 6th grade), $99.00 (Junior 7th – 13th/14th grade).

The subs now include a linemarking levy to assist with covering costs.

Registration is by online registration ONLY. Membership fees MUST be paid at the time of registration by credit or debit card. Your child will not be placed into a team until they are registered and paid.

Click here to register online for Cambridge FC’s 2018 season:

The grade your child will play in is determined by the calendar year in which they were born.

2014: 4th grade Junior Kicker
2013: 5th grade Junior Kicker
2012: 6th grade
2011: 7th grade
2010: 8th grade
2010 – U8 Girls
2009: 9th grade
2008: 10th grade
2009, 2008 – U10 Girls
2007: 11th grade
2006: 12th grade
2007, 2006 – U12 Girls
2005: 13th grade
2004: 14th grade

When registering junior players, please ensure you have the correct date of birth as our database forms part of the New Zealand Football database, and this is their official football record. All players up to 12th grade will be selected for teams in their correct age group.

Grading days

We will be holding grading days for 8th – 13th/14th Grade on Sunday the 4th and 11th March.

Trial 1 – Sunday 4th March
12pm – 1pm – Girls – U-10 grading only
1pm – 2pm – U-8 girls and 8th grade boys – no grading but mini fun football tournament
2pm – 3pm – 9th grade – Players trialling for top two teams only
3pm – 4pm – 10th grade – Players trialling for top two teams only
4pm – 5pm – 11th grade – Players trialling for top two teams only
5pm – 6pm – 12th grade, 13th/14th grade – all players

Trial 2 – Sunday 11th March – ALL PLAYERS
1pm – 2pm – U-12 girls and U-14 girls (if any) – please note these team sizes are the same at 9v9. These grading events replace the boys’ 8th grade session which is no longer required.
2pm – 3pm – 9th grade
3pm – 4pm – 10th grade
4pm – 5pm – 11th grade
5pm – 6pm – 12th grade, 13th/14th grade – all players
5pm – 6pm – Goalkeeper Trials, 9th – 13th/14th Grade including U10 and U12 Girls

Please note: If you wish to trial for one of the top two teams in a grade, but are unable to make one of the trial dates, you can still be considered for one of these teams. Please comment the date you are unavailable in the ‘Notes’ section when you register.

The aim of Cambridge Football Club is to provide quality football opportunities for players of ALL levels and grading is the best way to ensure players are in teams with others of a similar ability; this process helps to ensure your child gets the best from their season.

Top teams
We are committed to having high-level competition teams in every grade. Places in these teams are allocated on ability, and also, importantly, attitude.

If having been placed in one of these teams we feel that a player is struggling or not showing the correct attitude it may, on occasion, be necessary to move them down; equally, players may also be moved into a higher level team if it is felt that they show the required skill level. This is done for the benefit of both the individual player and their team, by trialling for one of the top teams you are agreeing to this policy and accept that any decision made by the club is final.