Fourteen teams to contest 2018 women’s Cambridge Sevens

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Fourteen teams will contest this year’s women’s Cambridge Sevens tournament at John Kerkhof Park on Sunday.

The draw has been made with teams seeded on past tournament performance and last season’s level of play (if affiliated club team).

We’ve tried to accommodate those who have travelled the furthest with the later kick-offs.

Vigour Physiotherapy, from Cambridge, will be on hand throughout the tournament to help any injured players.

This year’s prizemoney will see the winners take home $400, the runners-up $200, the third-placed team $125 and fourth-placed team $75.

All teams are guaranteed of at least three matches.

Group positions will be determined with teams earning 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw. If teams are level on points, their group position will be initially decided by goal difference. If that is also tied, goals scored will decide. If teams are still level, a penalty shootout will determine group position.

Any defaults result in a 3-0 win to the other team.

Draw for 2018 Cambridge Sevens (women’s)

Group A: Te Awamutu, Broken Bad, Tauranga City United, Papamoa

Group B: Melville United Black, Cambridge, The O Geez, Otumoetai

Group C: Melville United Red, PK Girls, Bethlehem College

Group D: Otorohanga, Mercury Bay Senior Girls, Whakatane Town


Pitch 1: Te Awamutu v Broken Bad

Pitch 2: Melville United Black v Cambridge

Pitch 3: Melville United Red v PK Girls


Pitch 1: Tauranga City United v Papamoa

Pitch 2: The O Geez v Otumoetai

Pitch 3: Otorohanga v Mercury Bay


Pitch 3: Melville United Red v Bethlehem College


Pitch 1: Broken Bad v Tauranga City United

Pitch 2: Melville United Black v The O Geez


Pitch 1: Te Awamutu v Papamoa

Pitch 2: Cambridge v Otumoetai

Pitch 3: Otorohanga v Whakatane Town


Pitch 3: PK Girls v Bethlehem College


Pitch 1: Broken Bad v Papamoa

Pitch 2: Melville United Black v Otumoetai

Pitch 3: Mercury Bay v Whakatane Town


Pitch 1: Te Awamutu v Tauranga City United

Pitch 2: Cambridge v The O Geez


Pitch 1: Consolation Game 1 (3rd in Group C v 3 in Group D)


Pitch 1:

Pitch 2: Semi Final 1 (Winner Group A v Winner Group C)

Pitch 3: Semi Final 2 (Winner Group B v Winner Group D)


Pitch 2: Consolation Game 2 (2nd in Group A v 2nd in Group C)

Pitch 3: Consolation Game 3 (2nd in Group B v 2nd in Group D)


Pitch 3: Play-off for 3rd/4th between losing semi-finalists


Pitch 2: Final



Click here for rules and tournament guidelines.

Team managers can download their teamsheet in advance (below) and print it off. Please note that in response to requests from several teams, the tournament organisers have decided each team can use up to 11 players over the day’s play (one more than in the rules originally circulated).

Team Sheet

Our tournaments are sponsored by Sportswear Direct and Calnar Point of Sale.

Past winners of the Cambridge Sevens

2011: Whakatane Town
2012: Claudelands Rovers
2013: Glenfield Rovers (Auckland)
2014: Claudelands Rovers
2015: Broken Down
2016: Broken Down Again
2017: Golden Oldies (Hamilton)

2011: Whakatane Town
2012: Young Gunners (Hamilton)
2013: Palace Jesters (Te Aroha)
2014: Hamilton Wanderers
2015: Kawerau Town
2016: Ngongotaha
2017: Young Gunners (Hamilton)
2018: Qooto-Qooto FC