Update on junior grading process

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Players in Cambridge FC’s 9th-13th grade boys’ teams have been assigned teams after recent grading days, and grade co-ordinators have been informing parents and guardians.

Junior section co-ordinator Tim Bailey says: “If your child is in this group, and you have not heard from the grade co-ordinator, please email Cambridge Football Club juniors.”

Naming of the U-12 and U-10 girls teams will follow in time for the Easter break.

Decisions on the 8th grade teams is underway, and 6th-7th grade teams will be advised in early April.

“We ask that everyone respects the decisions that have been made as all involved in the grading have put in a lot of effort and time to ensure the process is fair for everyone,” Tim Bailey says.
More than 300 children took part in the grading sessions on March 4 and 11.


Junior registrations have closed with the following exceptions:
  • First Kicks players (ages 4-5) can register until the end of April.
  • Registrations for 6th and 7th grade teams close on April 1.
  •  If you have a child wanting to play in grades 8-13 and have not yet registered, please email Cambridge Football Club before trying to register. We’ll do our best to find a suitable team but late registrations depend on availability.

Coaches and managers

We are still looking for coaches and managers across all grades. If you have not made yourself known to the club already and are able to assist with coaching or manager roles please contact either your grade coordinator or email Cambridge Football Club with your name and grade you are interested in helping. We would like all teams from the 6th grade to the 13th grade to have a manager to help the coach.

Child safety

An important part of keeping our kids safe is to require our volunteers to go through the police vetting process. To make sure this process is properly conducted, we need a volunteer to help administrate it. Please email Cambridge Football Club or speak to a member of the junior operations team about it.