Onyx Volunteer of the Week scheme set to launch

Cambridge FC and its partner Onyx are set to launch a Volunteer of the Week award to recognise those who help keep our club running.

Cambridge’s favourite eatery will help celebrate our deserving volunteers with a weekly prize of a $50 voucher┬áto spend at Onyx Cambridge in Alpha St.

The award is a terrific way for us to celebrate those who keep our club running all year and to show them what Onyx Cambridge offers its customers.

In all, 20 volunteers will benefit through the season and we’re now seeking nominations for worthy recipients.

How to nominate

Please email Cambridge Football Club volunteers and tell us who you think deserves to receive one of our weekly awards, and the reasons why.

Of our 800+ members, parents/guardians and supporters, more than 100 contribute unpaid work to keep our club running.

When Cambridge FC sought its Quality Club Mark in 2015, assessors calculated that our club benefits from 30,000 hours a year of unpaid work from its many volunteers.

If you want to join our volunteers, please email Cambridge Football Club volunteers and let us know how you can help.

About Onyx

Onyx Cambridge are in their third year as a club partner and their backing has benefitted all sections of the club. For the past two years, they have held the naming rights for the Cambridge Summer League.

Visit the Onyx Cambridge website here.