Council works to resolve pitch flooding issues

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The Waipa District Council is working to resolve ongoing flooding of Cambridge FC’s premium pitches.

A council team has been at John Kerkhof Park this week, preparing drains to stop the southern end of pitches 1 and 2 from flooding during bouts of heavy rain.

Flooding of pitch 1 has been an increasing problem for many years but has worsened since a neighbouring driveway was resurfaced last summer, causing run off to the pitch. Since the resurfacing, the southern end of pitch 2 has also been prone to flooding.

Last weekend, for instance, a referee’s inspection ruled pitch 2 unsuitable for play.

Photo: Flashback … here’s how we used to clear the surface water.

The flooding has been an expensive problem for our club, in terms of cost and volunteer labour. To remove surface water, the club has had to hire generators and pumps, and use volunteers to manually divert surface water. Leaf blowers have been used to help dry the sodden areas, some of which have raised player safety issues.

Hopefully, this week’s remedial work will fix the problem.

Our club thanks the Waipa District Council for helping with this work.