Update: Appeal to help Reds supporter Abby reaches $82,000

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Donors have raised about $82,000 in the 10 days since news broke that Cambridge FC supporter Abby Hartley was seriously ill in a Bali hospital and her family needed help to pay rising medical bills.

Abby, the mother of Reds reserves player Toby Hartley (16), is in an induced coma after she took seriously ill only hours after arriving in Bali for a holiday.

Travel insurance didn’t cover her costs, prompting the family to seek help through a Givealittle fundraising page after they had been presented with $75,000 of hospital bills.

Cambridge club members have been trying to help and an auction for three nights at a bach raised $700 for the Hartleys at the club’s annual Quiz Night.

Players in the club’s Northern League squads wore red armbands in their games against Northland to show support for absent player Toby and his family.

The fundraising target of $75,000 was reached by Monday August 13.

Click here to see the Givealittle page and make a donation.

Daughter Sophie Hartley explains the family’s dilemma on the Givealittle page, writing:

Our mum is fighting for her life in ICU in a hospital in Bali and unfortunately insurance company is refusing to cover any medical costs.

Mum and Dad arrived in Bali in hopes of a well deserved getaway- first one without us kids. A few hours after arrival mum was in severe pain and got rushed to the closest hospital and then got transferred by ambulance to ICU in BIMC hospital Nusa Dua as her condition was too severe to be treated at the first hospital.

After many CT scans and x-rays doctors had noticed a twist in her bowel which had caused a chunk of her bowel to die. The following day mum was taken in for emergency surgery to remove the dead bowel. The surgery was very successful and for 48 hours mum was on the road to recovery until she took a turn for the worst.

She went into a condition that is called ARDS (accute respiratory distress syndrome) and was only taking in 70% oxygen so the doctors made the call to put her into an induced coma and keep her on an oxygen machine to avoid any further deprivation of oxygen to her brain.

As if that wasn’t enough mum produced a very severe infection and had a very high fever (40+ C)and x-rays showed fluid in her lungs and one lung had collapsed. Dad told us kids to get on the first plane over from NZ as things weren’t looking too good and mum needed all the support she could get.

Mum is still on 100% oxygen and doctors are hoping to reduce it down to 40% leaving her to breathe the remaining 60% herself. Last night we had a big scare as mums blood pressure was dangerously low, heart rate was too high and saturated oxygen levels were low so she required a blood transfusion early hours this morning. Mum’s infection has progressed into Septicemia and she requires very expensive and rare antibiotics.

After a very long and stressful battle with the insurance company they have made the final decision to not cover any medical costs therefore we have been left with a very expensive medical bill.

Her medical bill includes- 24/7 care and observation, all medications etc.

Yesterday (08-08) we got an updated bill of NZD$35,000 and today due to the Sepsithemia and the antibiotics mum needs for 14 days we got handed an extra bill for NZD$40,000.

Mum is a fighter and we can all tell she is trying very hard to fight all problems that are thrown her way. She is showing signs that she aware we are there for her by very small fluttering of eyelids when we talk to her or stroke her hair.

All use of funds will proceed towards mums medical costs- eg, 24/7 care and observation, medications/antibiotics and the cost of her stay.

Abby and the Hartley family have become familiar faces at John Kerkhof Park this season, supporting Toby in his debut senior football season.

Our club’s thoughts are with the family and we urge members and supporters to help in whatever way they can.