Reds supporter Abby needs $160,000 to get home

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The family of Cambridge football supporter Abby Hartley needs to raise $160,000 to fly her home from the hospital in Bali where she’s been in a coma for four weeks.

Doctors say her best chances of recovery are if she wakes up from the coma in a New Zealand hospital.

Abby (41) is the mother of Toby Hartley (16) who plays for Cambridge reserves, and she’s an enthusiastic supporter of the Reds.

She and husband Richard went to Bali at the start of August for a “second honeymoon”, without Toby and his sister Sophie, but she was rushed to hospital with a twisted bowel.

Emergency surgery removed part of her bowel but she later suffered acute respiratory distress syndrome and was put into an induced coma.

Since then, Abby has suffered kidney failure, a collapsed lung and several infections.

Daughter Sophie told that oxygen deprivation means she’s also suffered brain damage but no one will know the extent of the damage until she wakes up.

Toby and Richard Hartley are still in Bali, supporting Abby, while Sophie has returned to New Zealand to help run the family tiling business.

To be flown home, the family needs to raise up to $160,000 to use an emergency aircraft (EVAC).

Her condition is too unstable for her to be flown on a commercial flight.

Insurance cover has been declined as Abby’s condition was considered to be pre-existing.

This led to the family setting up a Givealittle page to raise money for Abby’s hospital treatment.

Click here if you want to donate to the Hartley family’s Givealittle Page

By August 30, $237,000 had been raised to cover hospital bills and to go towards the costs of the flight home.

Doctors stopped sedating Hartley on August 15. She remains in a coma and has become immune to the antibiotics needed to treat infections, Sophie told Stuff.

“We’re just waiting for a miracle now. We’ve been through enough, surely there’s something around the corner.

“I just really want mum home. If we could get her out tomorrow we would get her out tomorrow.”