Tim Bailey is our 19th Volunteer of the Week award winner

Tim Bailey is always quick to acknowledge the contribution of volunteers who keep our club going week after week.

He sees it as part of his role as the club’s junior captain, leading the group who help more than 450 youngsters enjoy their football every week.

But this time, our club gets the chance to turn the tables and focus the attention on Tim.

He’s done a splendid job as junior captain and we’ve received a number of nominations, suggesting he would be a deserving recipient of our Volunteer of the Week award, sponsored by Onyx Cambridge. And we agree!

Tim receives a $50 voucher from our partner Onyx Cambridge as he becomes the 19th winner of our weekly award.

Photo: Tim Bailey (left) receives his Onyx voucher from fellow volunteer Matt Clarke.

About our Volunteer of the Week award

Cambridge’s favourite eatery will help celebrate our deserving volunteers with a weekly prize of a $50 voucher to spend at Onyx Cambridge in Alpha St.

The award is a terrific way for us to celebrate those who keep our club running all year and to show them what Onyx Cambridge offers its customers.

In all, 20 volunteers benefit during the season.

About our volunteers

Of our 800+ members, parents/guardians and supporters, more than 100 contribute unpaid work to keep our club running.

If you want to join our volunteers, please email media@cambridgefootball.co.nz and let us know how you can help.

* The first 18 recipients of the Volunteer of the Week award were Hamish Durran-Wolff, Jude Bower, Paul Blackstock, Cherie Clark, the D1 men’s team (shared), Mike Woodlock, Cam and Kere McKinnon, Des Beeney, Craig Clark, Calleigh Baker, Natalie Davis, Gary Kelk, Lee McNally, Louis Roberts, Fiona Hill, Stu Anthony, Andrew Taylor and Vanessa Payne.

Click here to learn more about our volunteers and how you can help our football club