Women’s Golden Boot to be shared between strike partners

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Forwards Rachel Hill and Astrid Howarth have tied for the 2018 women’s Golden Boot.

With neither player finding the net in the women’s final game of the season – a 2-1 loss at Matamata – the pair both finish the season on 23 goals.

Meanwhile, Andrew Taylor has taken the men’s Golden Boot, despite a late dash from nearest rival Peter Buesnel who netted four goals in his last run-out of the season.

Photo: Rachel Hill during the Waikato Women’s Cup Final (photo: Louis Roberts).

Golden Boot – senior men

Final table:

25: Andrew Taylor (23 for Reserves, 2 for Waikato D1)

23: Peter Buesnel (16 for Waikato A, including 5 in Waikato Cup, 3 for Championship and 4 for D1s)

15: Dave O’Donnell (D1) including a hat-trick of headers in one game

12: Josh Clarkin (Firsts) including one in Chatham Cup

11: Adam Brady (Reserves)

8: Scott Jenkins (D1) including six penalties

7: Dylan Blair (Firsts)

6: Rob Dickson (D2)

6: Jonathan Sanchez (Reserves)

6: Tom Woutersen (3 for Reserves, 3 for Championship)

6: Jamie Woodlock (Firsts)

5: Callum MacLeod (Firsts)

5: Andrew Myers (D2)

Golden Boot – senior women

Final table:

23: Rachel Hill

23: Astrid Howarth

6: Caitlyn Varcoe

5: Gemma Martin

Important note: These tables are based on the goals advised by team managers on a weekly basis.