2018 Junior Prizegiving results

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Families and supporters have helped about 460 boys and girls celebrate their football season at Cambridge FC’s annual Junior Prizegiving event.

Held at the Raleigh Christian Centre, Leamington, players and their families enjoyed a fun evening, hosted by The Breeze breakfast announcer Camille Guzwell.

The club wants to thank all those volunteers who helped our youngsters enjoy their football this season.

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Player Achievements

Girls U-8 France

Coaches’ Player: Anja Krauer

Most Improved Player: Chloe Banner

Team Player: Piper Armistead


Girls U-8 Sweden

Coaches’ Player: Britney Madden

Most Improved Player: Annaliese Reilly

Team Player: Ruby Paine


Girls U-8 Denmark

Coaches’ Player: Isla Bentley

Most Improved Player: Savannah Litton

Team Player: Ruby Murray


Girls U-10 Sparklers

Coaches’ Player: Emerson Joll

Most Improved Player: Charlotte Watson

Team Player: Bethany Gilliand


Girls U-10 Tigers

Coaches’ Player: Maddie Bristow

Most Improved Player: Iris Webb

Team Player: Emily Williams


Girls U-10 Ferns

Coaches’ Player: Kate Hicks

Most Improved Player: Marijke-Rose Gould

Team Player: Eden Wood


Girls U-12 Panthers

Coaches’ Player: Jesimae Strawbridge

Most Improved Player: Eva Lang

Team Player: Aliyah Waters


Girls U-12 Leopards

Coaches’ Player: Keeley Rodger

Most Improved Player: Holly Moorby

Team Player: Jordyn Maloney


Girls U-12 Wildcats

Coaches’ Player: Iris Hickey

Most Improved Player: Natalie Young

Team Player: Aimee Steele


8th grade Aberdeen

Coaches’ Player: Cooper Bailey

Most Improved Player: Louis Hosie

Team Player: Caenan Clark


8th grade Hearts

Coaches’ Player: Blayne MacDonald

Most Improved Player: Keegan Rower

Team Player: Miller Cholmondeley


8th grade Celtic

Coaches’ Player: Jake Hautler

Most Improved Player: Lucian Gaiger

Team Player: Max Chadwick


8th grade Hibernian

Coaches’ Player: Cooper Edwards

Most Improved Player: Noah Coppell

Team Player: Manaaki Bruce


8th grade Rangers

Coaches’ Player: Xavier Baker

Most Improved Player: Rikki Cameron

Team Player: Nathan Goodrich


8th grade St Johnstone

Coaches’ Player: Logan Rickard

Most Improved Player: Ngaio McGahan

Team Player: Harry McKinnon


8th grade Dundee

Coaches’ Player: Taraia Mulvey-Griggs

Most Improved Player: Jack Hay

Team Player: Arorangi Van Dijk


9th grade Phoenix

Coaches’ Player: Orlando Hargreaves

Most Improved Player: Mitchell Leigh

Team Player: Kaleb Westlake


9th grade Jets

Coaches’ Player: Dylan Rowe

Most Improved Player: William Baker

Team Player: Kale Ryan


9th grade Heart

Coaches’ Player: Nathanial Clarke

Most Improved Player: Dongho Kang

Team Player: Zachary Hancock


9th grade Victory

Coaches’ Player: Joseph Campbell

Most Improved Player: Fletcher Wiseman

Team Player: Mylo Maloney


10th grade Villareal

Coaches’ Player: Finn Drew

Most Improved Player: Ashton Wallace

Team Player: Bede Newlands


10th grade Atletico Madrid

Coaches’ Player: Zak Neville

Most Improved Player: Riley Fraser-Jones

Team Player: Seth Oranje


10th grade Real Madrid

Coaches’ Player: Kush Patel

Most Improved Player: Charlie Sampson

Team Player: Jake Brugh


10th grade Sevilla

Coaches’ Player: George Kennedy

Most Improved Player: Jamie Harris

Team Player: Ryan Weinberg


10th grade Valencia

Coaches’ Player: Harry Kavanagh

Most Improved Player: Oscar Gifford

Team Player: Cameron Spence


11th grade Hornets

Coaches’ Player: Dylan Wright

Most Improved Player: Nicholas Toohey

Team Player: Jude Belham


11th grade Rebels

Coaches’ Player: Darcy Hunter

Most Improved Player: Tyler Billington

Team Player: Tom Beech


11th grade Legends

Coaches’ Player: Gaurav Singh

Most Improved Player: Thomas Szabo

Team Player: Riley Noonan


11th grade Clarets

Coaches’ Player: Theo Anthony

Most Improved Player: Jay Benefield

Team Player: Liam West


11th grade Barcelona

Coaches’ Player: Asher Clark

Most Improved Player: Dylan Tollervey

Team Player: Elliott Doole


12th grade Titans

Coaches’ Player: Liam Weston

Most Improved Player: Noah Pullenger

Team Player: Jack Beaumont


12th grade Dare Devils

Coaches’ Player: Jack Hogg

Most Improved Player: Luc Mutessek

Team Player: Josh Lawrey


12th grade – U-12 Federation Team

Coaches’ Player: Max Kelk

Most Improved Player: Hamish Durran-Wolf

Team Player: George Anthony


13th grade All Stars

Coaches’ Player: Daniel Begbie

Most Improved Player: Sam Finn

Team Player: Caleb Mita


13th grade – U-13 Federation Team

Coaches’ Player: Logan Noack

Most Improved Player: Lennox Gray

Team Player: Tanner Dean

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