Family club ethos is typified by the Woodlock and Bomans families

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Cambridge FC is proud of its community role and the part that families play in its success.

The club has many examples of family members being involved at all levels – playing, coaching, refereeing or being part of the team of volunteers who contribute an estimated 30,000 hours of free labour every year to keep it running.

Nowhere is the role of family better illustrated than with the Woodlock and Bomans families for whom last Saturday provided a special event.

Julian Woodlock, aged 4, played his first game of football, wearing the red strip on day one of the First Kicks programme.

On the sidelines were proud parents Patrick and Nastasja Woodlock (nee Bomans).

Patrick plays for the Reds first team and holds the club record for winning the Jim Barry Memorial Player of the Year award the most times – six times, in fact.

Beside mum and dad were the Woodlock and Bomans grandparents.

Mike Woodlock coached the Reds first team for about 10 seasons and is the current coach of the WaiBOP Championship squad.

Harry Bomans … well, he’s pretty much done everything at the club. Played into his sixties, coaches the Waikato Division 3 side, manages our senior grounds, serves on the club’s committee and has been known to referee a few games as well.

Now the family baton passes to young Julian … who joins about 500 more Cambridge boys and girls this year in their footballing journey.

Photo: From left, Mike Woodlock, Patrick Woodlock, Julian Woodlock, Nastasja Woodlock and Harry Bomans.