The difference a bit of paint (and some elbow grease) can make

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You go past it every time you visit Cambridge FC’s senior pitches … and it’s an important marker for visitors to our club.

But have you taken a close look lately at the entrance sign to John Kerkhof Park?

Put simply, it had seen better days. The paint in the carved name was flaking, the stained timber was fading and mould was adding a touch of unwanted green.

Not now.

A working bee at John Kerkhof Park included a complete overhaul of the sign, renovating it so it’s fit to honour the memory of John Kerkhof whose family did so much to establish our club in days gone by.

The work was carried out by community workers under the supervision of Corrections NZ who have a partnership with our club which delivers many hours of work to help maintain and improve our grounds and facilities.

The latest working bee included a thorough cleaning of our changing rooms, clubrooms and surrounds, as well as relocating full-sized goalposts to the neighbouring athletics ground where we have an extra pitch for the winter.

Our club is grateful to Corrections NZ and the community workers who take such pride in their work at our club.

And the next time you drive past our spruced up entrance sign, remember their contribution!

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