Lions help our youngsters stretch to reach their goals

When we encourage our kids to stretch to reach their goals, rarely do we mean that literally.

But when Cambridge FC began this season, a number of teams catering for players aged 12-14 faced the problem of playing with goalposts much larger than required for players in that age group.

A shortage of suitable goalposts meant those teams were playing on pitches designed for senior footballers whose goals were 7.3m wide and 2.4m high … not easy to defend for a young goalkeeper not yet grown to adult size.

It also meant the players were competing on full-sized pitches, 58% larger than the pitches recommended for players aged 12-14.

The club now has a solution – and a new set of two goalposts – thanks to some fundraising and a donation from Cambridge Lions.

The club imported a set of goals (which are 6.4m wide and 2.1m high) for their pitch that’s measured to suit young players.

All up, the posts cost almost $3,000 and the Lions generously donated $1,400 towards their cost.

“It’s much better for the players,” said happy coach of the club’s Dare Devils team, Glenn Philip.

Jackie Gunn, who chairs the Cambridge Lions’ grants committee, visited the club’s junior pitches to see the new goalposts.

“It’s really good to see so many young players who will benefit from this now and in the future,” she said.

Main photo: Members of the Dare Devils with Jackie Gunn (centre) and coach Glenn Philip (right) get familiar with their new goalposts.