Golden Boot winners decided for senior men’s and women’s teams

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Cambridge striker Adam Brady has secured the men’s Golden Boot for the 2019 season while Caitlyn Varcoe has taken the women’s top goalscorer title.

Brady’s 17 goals for the season were enough to ensure he topped the men’s goalscoring table for the year.

His nearest challenger, Josh Clarkin, scored for the men’s first team in their last game of the season, helping him to finish on 14 successful strikes.

The women’s Golden Boot went down to the last game of the season, at Huntly Thistle, where Olivia Sutherland scored to get within a goal of Varcoe.

Here are the final goalscorer standings for 2019:

Men’s first team

Josh Clarkin 14 (includes 2 in Chatham Cup)

Dylan Blair 7 (includes 1 in Chatham Cup)

Luke Stephenson 5

Zach Mayo 4 (includes 3 in Chatham Cup)

Marcelo Sosa 4 (includes 1 scored in Chatham Cup)

Daniel Clarkin 3

Callum MacLeod 3 (includes 1 in Chatham Cup)

Fabian Munoz 2

Levi Clark 1

Kieran Hill 1

Aaron Huesser 1 (scored in Chatham Cup)

Jack Portegys 1

Kyle Stead 1 (scored in Chatham Cup)

Harry Wick 1

Men’s reserves

Devon Andrews 5

Andrew Taylor 5

Cristian Angulo 4

Alex Mukaka 4

Riley Higgs 3

Johnny Sanchez 3

Luke Stephenson 2

Juan Alvarez 1

Dehein Hindley 1

Aaron Jenkins 1

Zach Mayo 1

Jack Sickelmore 1

Own goals 2

WaiBOP Championship

Adam Brady 17

James Cakebread 6

Jason Szabo 5

Josh Dagnall 2

Dom Vitesse 2

Kurt von Keisenberg 2

Jordy Silvester 2

Ryan Ashby 1

Alex Ball 1

Mitchell Claridge 1

John Flood 1

Dan Morris 1

Luuk van Wagtendonk 1

Own goals 5

Waikato Division 3

Miguel Peterle 10 (includes 1 in Waikato Plate)

David O’Donnell 6 (includes 1 in Waikato Cup)

Paul Blackstock 3 (includes 1 in Waikato Plate)

Mariano Castellon 3

Adrian Clark 2

Scott Jenkins 2

Ben Ward 2

Fabian Burgos 1

Jamie McKean 1

Paul Macann 1

Matthias Nickless 1

Oscar Thomas 1

Own goal 2

Waikato Division 4

Chris Hill 7

Andy Thomas 5

Cole van den Beuken 5

Andy Kemp 3

Andrew Myers 3

Ben Carter 2

Rory Forde 2

Liam Storey 2

Kieran Barnes 1

Mariano Castellan 1

Kevin Grace 1

Nick Sickelmore 1

Women’s Division 1

Caitlyn Varcoe 7

Olivia Sutherland 6

Sophee Rapson-Jones 3

Lucy Reid 3

Astrid Howarth 2

Kym Thomasen 2

Gemma Martin 2

Edyn May 1

Some goals

Daniel Clarkin scores the equaliser against Northland FC (August 10):

Josh Clarkin heads the opening goal against Claudelands Rovers (June 15):

Marcelo Sosa scores a pankenka penalty against Claudelands Rovers (June 15):

Juan Alvarez scores a diving header for the reserves against Manurewa (May 25):

Sophee Rapson-Jones scores with a direct free kick against Huntly Thistle (May 26)

Dylan Blair scores against Unimount Bohemian Celtic (April 27):

Jason Szabo scores against Tauranga Blue Rovers (May 4):

Past winners

The men’s Golden Boot was won by Andrew Taylor in 2018 with 25 goals.

Last year’s women’s Golden Boot was shared by Astrid Howarth and Rachel Hill who each contributed 23 goals.

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