Second grading day for juniors set for Sunday March 15

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Boys and girls will take part in a second day of grading sessions on Sunday March 15 to help place them in the most suitable teams for the 2020 winter football season.

Here’s how you can ensure your child is eligible to take part:

Step 1: Register the player through the COMET system.

Click here to find out how to register online >>>>

Step 2: From the information on the registration page, determine which grade your child is eligible for.

Step 3: Come to the grading sessions with boots, shin pads and playing kit.


Grading sessions will be held at the junior grounds at the northern end of Vogel St, Cambridge.

Grading timetable – Sunday March 15, 2020

2pm-3pm: 9th-grade boys

3pm-4pm: 10th-grade boys

4pm-5pm: 11th-grade boys

5pm-6pm: goalkeeping trials (U-10 – U-14 grade girls and 9th – 14th-grade boys)

How to register online

Click here to register for the 2020 season >>>>

More information

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The Future Reds programme is run by the Ricki Herbert Football Academy.

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