Burnley’s Chris Wood: Life under lockdown

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Former Cambridge player Chris Wood is waiting patiently for a return to football with his Burnley side sidelined during the COVID-19 lockdown in England.

The All Whites skipper has also described how his father Grant was visiting New Zealand when the lockdown started, prompting a difficult trip back to the UK to be reunited with wife Julie.

Burnley and other clubs are working together to try to resume the English Premier League in June.

Speaking to Burnley’s official website, Wood (28) said: “Dad was stuck in New Zealand for a long period of time. Luckily enough he got in on a flight that the British government put on for stranded Brits around the world, so he got back two weeks ago.”

“So it is nice to have him back in the country especially for mum to have a bit of family around here because she has been in Birmingham all by herself so at least she has some company back which is the main thing.”

Watch Wood’s 11-minute interview here:

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