Club implements new contact tracing system for all members and visitors

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Cambridge FC has adopted the sport’s nationwide system of contact tracing under New Zealand Football’s guidelines.

From May 2020, our club will use the iDMe contact register to record all visits to our junior and senior grounds.

This includes players from other clubs and their supporters.

The system is designed to minimise the spread of infection of COVID-19.

By using iDMe, you are helping to protect yourself and others.

How to use iDME

Go to and register.

When you visit John Kerkhof Park (junior or senior grounds) open the iDMe register on your phone and manually key in our unique code P-E-S-F-D.

If using our pitch at the Cambridge Athletics Ground, key in the code S-C-E-C-W.

We will have posters at the venue reminding you of our venue codes.

When visiting other sports grounds, look for their venue codes and manually log in.

Click here for all iDMe venue codes in the WaiBOP region

How do I log in my kids?

You can register other members of your family on your phone, and manually record their visits at the same time.

How do I log out?

You don’t need to. If a contact tracer contacts you, they’ll ask when you left the venue.

How do I save iDMe to my phone so I can easily access it?

Bookmark the webpage or create a link to your phone’s desktop. If using an iPhone, create the link using Safari (can’t be done with Chrome).

What happens to the information

The data is held centrally by WaiBOP Football and kept for four weeks to comply with contact tracing requirements by the Ministry of Health. After four weeks, the data is destroyed.

If there is a coronavirus outbreak, the data will help contact tracers get in touch with you so you can be aware of any health risk, or need to isolate.

Need to know more?

NZ Football’s contact tracing guidelines explain how iDMe works between our national and regional bodies, and clubs and their members.

Click here for NZ Football’s contact tracing guidelines

Why iDMe?

A number of major sports have collaborated to use iDMe so they can integrate it with national sports databases (such as football’s COMET system). This makes it easier to contact teams, players and club members, if tracing is needed.