The difference a couple of weeks can make … junior football gets underway

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Hundreds of Cambridge FC’s youngest players took to the football pitch for the first time this year as their winter season finally got underway.

Scenes at the club’s junior grounds seemed far away from the Alert Level 2 conditions a fortnight earlier as boys and girls – and hundreds more family members and supporters – enjoyed the opening day of the season.

From four-year-olds having their first morning of football in our First Kicks programme, to older children playing competitive games against visiting clubs, the grounds were filled with sounds of football.

More than 400 children will play football with the club this year.

The club’s technical director, former All Whites and Wellington Phoenix coach Ricki Herbert, was at the junior grounds to welcome the start of the season.

“I started playing the game when I was four and I can remember the excitement of playing those early games of football.

“It’s great to watch children experiencing that same excitement – it never goes away,” he said.

“I wish all our players, from the youngest to our oldest, an enjoyable season.”

WaiBOP Football’s Chief Executive Karyn Walters sent a message to our club in the lead-up to opening day, wishing everyone an enjoyable season.

She urged all footballers and visitors to remember to stay within guidelines for Alert Level 1 to minimise the risks of the spread of infection from COVID-19.

These include not sharing drink bottles, washing hands and being mindful of the need to maintain good hygiene.

Visitors to our grounds are also reminded to manually log in to NZ Football’s contact tracing system, iDMe.

If you visited our grounds today (June 13) and forgot to log in, you can still do so by going to the iDMe webpage and keying in the club’s unique five-lettered code P-E-S-F-D. Click here for details.

Meanwhile, congratulations to all our young players who proved that while our early morning pitches may have been damp, their enthusiasm warmed the spirits of those watching.

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