Timetable for this year’s official team photographs

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Official team photographs of all Cambridge FC teams will be taken on August 5-6, 2020, at our main clubrooms at John Kerkhof Park.

The photographs will be taken by Masterpiece Photography.

Ahead of the photograph sittings, coaches will be provided with order forms and envelopes for payment to distribute to players. Options include lamination of photographs and individual portraits.

If you are the parent or carer of a junior player, and you haven’t received this information or envelope, please ask your coach.

Orders and payment are required by Masterpiece on the date of the sitting.

Parents and carers are asked to ensure children are at the main clubrooms at least 10 minutes before their scheduled photo time, and are wearing the correct uniform. Coaches need to bring the team’s match shirts.

Players need: shorts, team shirts, red and white striped/or red club socks, clean knees, clean boots, as well as payment.

Please help the photographers by preventing the children from running outside wearing their boots before photo’s are taken.

Team photographs will be taken first, followed by children requiring individual photographs.

Photo timetable

Please be on time or your child will miss out on their team photograph.