Food Truck Thursday is back again – special deal if you book in advance

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The Queens Food Truck returns to John Kerkhof Park this Thursday (August 13) to serve meals with a South American flavour.

The truck has been serving up great food for the past two Thursdays.

The truck will return from 6pm-9pm to provide hot food for:

  • Senior men’s teams after they’ve finished training.
  • Other club members and supporters who want a Thursday night feed with access to our clubroom bar.
  • Cambridge residents who fancy a taste of South America.

The truck – run by one of our junior girls’ coaches, Romi Brassesco – will serve a range of burgers and fries but can add specialities (such as pizza) if you ring Romi in advance (mobile 022 3932153).

This week’s special – nachos with guacamole and sour cream

The Queens crew will serve nachos with guacamole and sour cream. If bought on the night, it’s $12 but if you order in advance by ringing or texting Romi (mobile 022 3932153), you’ll get it for $10.

Queens served food at our recent Northern League double-header with Auckland side Greenhithe Catimba, prompting us to consider whether our players and supporters might want more opportunities to try the menu.

Please support our Food Truck Thursdays!


Want to print the menu? Click here >>>>