Easy ways to keep up with our news

It’s never been easier to keep up with the news from Cambridge Football Club.

Here’s how you can follow us:


Don’t forget to add this site to your bookmarks and favourites via your browser.

For mobile devices, it’s easy to place an icon on your home screen to provide a direct link with our site. Go to our home page, and then select the options panel (that’s the one with a square and an arrow at the top). Choose the option for Add to Home Screen and our logo will be added (see photo).


Our club operates an Official Facebook Page, and several Facebook groups for specific groups (juniors, women, teams). If you like the page and add it to your Facebook newsfeed, you’ll be alerted to new stories.


Follow our Twitter feed by going to @RedsCambridge and click on follow.

Club magazine

Check out the latest edition of RED, our matchday magazine, by clicking here – you can also read our back issues.