Cambridge Sevens – rules and tournament guidelines

Sevens are a fast, fun and exciting form of football – but games still need to be played within a set of rules.

Here are the rules for the Cambridge Sevens (men’s and women’s tournaments):

Each team entered can use a maximum of 11 players throughout the day. Their names must be recorded on the tournament team sheet before the team’s first game.

Minimum age of players must be 15 (men’s tournament) or 14 (women’s tournament).

Team managers will be sent the team sheet and tournament draw in the days leading up to the tournament.

Group Play
Points shall be awarded as follows – win 3, draw 1, loss 0. A default or bye will be considered a 3-0 win to the winning team.

If two or more teams are equal on points their ranking shall be determined as follows:

* Goal difference in group matches by the teams concerned.

* Greatest number of goals scored in group matches by the teams concerned.

* If two teams are equal on the above criteria a penalty kick competition can decide the group winner. The competition manager will determine when the penalty competition will take place. It will follow FIFA rules using five players who are eligible to take part.

Two five–minute periods of extra time will be played if scores are level in knockout games, with the winner being the first team to score (and the match ending immediately).
In the event of a tie after extra time, a penalty kick competition following FIFA rules will determine the winning team.

General Play
Matches will be 15 minutes each half. Teams must be on the pitch and ready to begin the match at the appointed kick–off time. If a team is more than 7 minutes late their opponents may claim a 3–0 win. You must have a minimum of 5 players to start a game.

All substitutions are at the referee’s discretion. Rolling substitutions are allowed. The player leaving the field must be completely off the pitch before the incoming player enters the field. Players must leave the pitch/enter the pitch at the halfway line.

FIFA rules apply with the following exceptions:

There are no offsides.

Goalkeeper Distribution
Goalkeepers are not allowed to kick the ball directly out of their hands. If the goalkeeper kicks the ball out of their hands an indirect free kick is to be awarded to the opposition where the ball is kicked.

Dangerous Tackles
It must be stressed that player safety is the primary concern. A referee may decide to punish a dangerous tackle with either a yellow or red card.

Any player who receives (2) cautions (yellow cards) or a red card during the tournament will automatically miss his/her team’s next game.

Any player who receives (2) red cards in the tournament will take no further part in the tournament. Cards are carried through all stages of the tournament.

The Tournament Manager has the power to levy further suspensions in cases of misconduct, before and after the game.

The referee’s decision is final.

Balls as FIFA rules.

Fields 3⁄4–sized pitch.

Each team must supply an away strip.

Please note our alcohol licence only allows consumption of alcohol bought from our premises and consumed in designated areas, and not on pitch sidelines.

Council by-laws forbid owners of dogs from bringing their pets onto our grounds.

We believe the game should be enjoyed by everyone involved. Please show respect to officials, opposition, and spectators.

The decision of the tournament’s management in all matters pertaining to the administration of the tournament is final. Tournament management may overturn any rule if they feel a team is deliberately using an interpretation of the rules to gain an unfair advantage.