Estate agent Sharon McGeough keeps club on track after ‘devastating’ theft

A Cambridge real estate agent has come to the rescue of Cambridge Football Club after the “devastating” theft of a vital piece of equipment.

Thieves stole a $2,000 line-marking machine from the club earlier this year, leaving volunteers dependent on an old back-up machine to struggle through the winter season.

To the delight of club members, Sharon McGeough, of Harcourts, heard of the club’s plight and has donated a new machine in time for a busy summer when weekly 5-a-side competitions get underway.

“I really felt for the club when I heard they’d been burgled,” Sharon explained.

“Volunteers put so much hard work into their sport and something like this can be a real setback. I wanted to do something positive to let the volunteers know they have the support of the community.”

Club chairman Steve Thomas said Sharon’s support had been a boost as the club suffered five break-ins during a brief spell early this year.

“We can’t understand why someone would steal a line-marking machine but they also took other equipment such as a mower and leaf blower. It was devastating to us because we don’t have the means to replace equipment straight away,” he said.

The club’s insurance helped pay for an updated security system to reduce the risk of more thefts but a COVID-19 disrupted football season had left little in the club’s coffers to pay for a new line-marker machine.

“We were hoping each week that our old back-up machine would not let us down,” Thomas said.

A full-sized football pitch has 700 metres of white line.

The club has six full-sized pitches and almost 20 half-sized pitches that require marking with paint every week during the season.

Hundreds of children and adults use the pitches each week.

“And you can’t tell them there’s no football because we couldn’t mark the pitches,” Thomas said.

“We’re really thankful to Sharon for helping us out. Her support means we’ve got one less thing to sort out for the summer’s football.”

Meanwhile, Sharon McGeough says she’s looking forward to visiting the club and watching a game. “While everyone else will be watching the football, I know I’ll be looking at the white lines with more than a keen interest,” she jokes.

… and there’s more

Our club is also grateful to the Waipa District Council and Leamington’s opportunity shop Jumble Around, both of whom have made donations to the club to help pay for line-marking paint.

The club has received $600 from the council’s community discretionary fund while Jumble Around donated $500.

During a typical year, the club spends more than $5,000 on line-marking paint.