The four minutes that could save someone’s life at our club

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Got four minutes to spare? It could save someone’s life at Cambridge Football Club.

Our club has two life-saving defibrillators – one at the senior clubrooms, the other at our junior clubrooms – for use in an emergency.

But having the units is only part of the solution. The key is having as many members and supporters as possible who know how to use them.

You can learn how to use the defibrillators in less than four minutes by watching this online demonstration:

Cambridge was one of the first football clubs in New Zealand to benefit from a nationwide campaign to install life-saving defibrillators on their premises two years ago. Full story here.

It received a defibrillator as a reward for being one of the first clubs in the country to achieve NZ Football’s Quality Club Mark, a quality assurance award and a grant from Fonterra for about $1,400 paid for a second unit.

The unit in the senior clubrooms is in the trophy cabinet.